John McAfee unveils Brownlist consumer complaints website at DefCon conference

Posted on August 13, 2014 by admin

John McAfee Brownlist

John McAfee has unveiled, a new consumer complaints website at a surprise visit to US hacker conference DefCon.

The new website, called the Browlist, aims to fight the corner for individuals who are mistreated by large companies, organisations, or even Government departments.

The eccentric software engineer, made famous and notorious by his McAfee anti-virus software, announced the launch of the new venture during a surprise visit to the DefCon hackers conference held in Las Vagas, USA.

He said the site was a way for people to channel anger into positive action, encouraging direct action against “arrogant” firms to make them change their ways.

Mr McAfee said: "We are doing this because it taps in to the strongest of human emotions, anger, and it does it in a way that turns it positive.”  "If you are a small person, like the average American, and some company steps on you or a government, you speak out against something and you are audited the next day, come to our site."

Mr McAfee was keen to point out that this site is not just a platform for ranting.  Contributors to the site must also give an example of how they think the company in question could improve their service or policy.  The collated solutions would then be voted on, with the winning solution implemented by the site staff.

"We know that the strongest motivator of human behaviour is anger, and it is also the thing that destroys societies, families and individuals.  We also know we are losing our power to big corporations and big governments."  "The Brownlist is a way to take back your power," Mr McAfee said. "We can help put people in control of their own lives. Just think of where this could go."

A prototype version if the site is currently live and can be visited by clicking here.

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