Pure announce launch of Highway 400 and 600 plug- and-play in-car digital audio adapters

Posted on March 4, 2016 by admin

Pure launches plug-and-play in-car entertainment adapter range Pure launches plug-and-play in-car entertainment adapter range

Pure has announced the launch of Highway 400 and 600, a range of plug- and-play in-car digital audio entertainment adapters that give users access to a whole world of content, from digital radio to Spotify. The Highway 400 and 600 have an SRP of £129.99 and £149.99 respectively and will be available exclusively from Halfords, from April 2016.


The new adapters, designed to sit seamlessly on any dashboard, give drivers instant access to the world of digital radio, control of Spotify* and more. With built in Bluetooth, users can also stream all other music services, initiate mobile personal assistant and use an in-built tagging service* to create a music discovery playlist.

The Highway 600 is also an easy to use hands-free adapter that incorporates the latest technology and a separate microphone module so users can make and receive calls safely while driving.

Both adapters are easy-to-fit, simple to use and come with a sleek wireless display and controller that can be placed anywhere on the dashboard. A discreet antenna is affixed to the windscreen and the power cable can be neatly tucked behind the interior trim.

Digital radio is a breeze to use and both Highway adapters come with advanced antenna technology, so reception is of the highest quality. It also switches seamlessly between broadcast stations so radio listening isn’t interrupted as users continue their journeys across the country.

The launch of the new adapters coincides with the biggest expansion in digital radio choice for a generation with 18 national digital radio stations to go on-air, spanning sport, talk, business and music. Pure’s new adapter range is backed by a major on-air campaign and marketing partnership with Sound Digital, the new digital radio network bringing about the expansion in choice. The new Highway adapters will give drivers of the 30+ million UK vehicles on the road without digital radio an easy way to access these new stations and more.

Music discovery* is easy with the new Highway adapter range thanks to the ‘Go’ tagging feature. When listening to a track on digital radio, users can press and hold the ‘Go’ button on the Highway controller and that track will be identified and saved in Pure Go playlist.

Voice activation gives users access to ‘Siri’ or ‘Ok Google’ personal assistants so attention is focused on driving at all times. Both personal assistants work in the usual way so users can find out anything from the weather forecast to the latest news or access the phone book for hands-free calling on the Highway 600.

Spotify* subscribers now have the perfect in-car companion, as they can scroll through albums, artists, songs and playlists using the Highway controller preventing the temptation to interact with their phones while driving. Users can also tag tracks they like on the radio by pressing and holding the ‘Go’ button on the Highway controller. These tracks are then automatically added to their Pure Go Spotify playlist.


Pure Highway 400 and 600 Pure Highway 400 and 600

The Pure Highway 400 and 600 adapters are available at an SRP of £129.99 and £149.99 at Halfords from April.  Both models are digital tick approved, and come with three years warranty as standard.  For more information, please visit www.pure.com/highway

*Highway Go app required to access additional benefits



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